Saturday, February 25, 2012

Miss A Members Reveal When They Feel The Sexiest On ‘NYLON’!


Having just a great kick started for Miss A’s comeback promotions for ‘Touch’, Miss A have also interviewed and taken a photo for one of the best fashion magazine ‘NYLON.’

What are the revelations of Miss A for their comeback? Are the photo shoot is compliment in their mature side? What is in their mind when doing their latest single Touch?

In the latest celebrity update, the members of Miss A sat down for an interview and taken a great photos in the fashion magazine ‘NYLON’.

One of they shared in ‘NYLON’ is when they feel the sexiest.

“I feel sexiest when I have my hair down on ones side with my neckline showing,” Maknae Suzy shyly revealed.

“Whem I am in a photo shoot, I make sexy poses without realizing it. I think I am sexiest in these photos,” Fei replied.

“I feel sexiest when I am dancing,” Min said.

While, Jia shared that “I think the expression in my eyes change when I am on stage and I stare straight into camera.”

Meanwhile, Miss A photo shoot compliments their new comeback concept, showing their more mature sides in both their group and individual photos.

The dancing queen Min also expressed that “if there is one wish that we hope to be fulfilled this year, it is for ‘Touch’ to be successful.”

Suzy chipped in, “It wasn’t easy during the recording for the song (‘Touch’) as we had to express the feelings of a girl who was hurt because of love.”

Miss A recently made an epic comeback with their latest album ‘touch’.

The full photo spread and interview of the girls can be found in the March issue of NYLON.

Here are the photos of the girls:

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