Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sandara Park and SHINee Discuss Their CF Concept For ‘Etude’


One of the top stars SHINee and 2ne1’s Sandara Park in South Korea recently sat down for and exclusive interview with ‘Etude House’ to chat about the concept for their upcoming commercial.

What kind of cosmetic products they will endorse?

The Korean boy group Shinee and the 27 years old Sandara Park were selected to become models to endorsing one of the cosmetic brand in South Korea for 2012 and they also have planned a unique campaign to boot off their promotions according to the latest celebrity update.

Sandara and SHINee also revealed that their campaign was called ‘Kiss Note,’ which plays off the popular story, ‘Death Note.’

In fact, ‘Death Note’ is a popular Japanese comic series circling around a supernatural book that grants its owner the capability to kill anyone by doodling their name on page. Etude’s ‘Kiss Note’ campaign utilizes that similar perception but with a romantic twist.

When the host asked the boys if there was a kiss scene, they replied that you’d just have to watch the CF when it gets released on March 01, 2012 to find out.

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