Monday, February 20, 2012

Miss A Released Mini-Album ‘Touch’


The Korean recording girl group Miss A’s hottest album ‘Touch’ is already released through music stores.

What do you think of Miss A’s new album? Which track was your favorite?

Check out their tracks for their mini-album and don’t forget to support the girls by purchasing their album!

In the latest celebrity update, Miss A’ newest mini-album is the most anticipated comeback entitled ‘Touch.’

In this album, Miss A was so fierce and more mature. It consists of six tracks with the help of some top producers on their album such as Ursula Nancy, Fuego, and Billion Dollar Baby. The girls will be promoting “Touch”  as their title track, which was created by JYP Entertainment’s J.Y. Park.

Track List:

01.  Touch
02.  Lips
03.  Rock N Rule
04.  No Mercy
05.  Over U
06.  Touch (Newport Mix)

In fact, from Bad Girl Good Girl to Goodbye My Love, Miss A has the golden and diamond Touch in terms to dance hits. After their busy and flurry of activities in China and Taiwan, the popular group is released their first record for the year 2012, which features six songs including two versions of the anticipated title song ‘Touch.’

Don’t forget to support the girls by purchasing their wonderful album! Tell us your thoughts below!

Here are the Audio Tracks:

Miss A - 01 Touch

Miss A - 02 Lips

Miss A - 03 Rock N Rule

Miss A - 04 No Mercy

Miss A - 05 Over U

Miss A - 06 Touch (Newport Mix)

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