Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How ‘Papa Chen’ Landed his TV Role


Richard Yap or also known as ‘Papa Chen’ in ‘My Binondo Girl’ confesses his latest career came as a big surprise.

The 44 year old Richard Yap is a late bloomer according to the showbiz standards. He has no proper training in acting. He has trended in Twitter multiple times and most of the people have been saying that he is a “Crush ng Bayan” so that’s why he sometimes has to excuse himself from his wife and two children then grant people’s requests for having a photo with him.

Mr. Yap also admits he misses his bed, lacks sleep and no private time but he is enjoying showbiz.

            “I’m very happy natanggap ako ng mga tao. Kahit first time ko (in showbiz), I’m very thankful.” He said in the fans’ day on January 08, 2012 at Skydome, SM North Edsa.

Papa Chen also says that he is trying his very best to reply to what he’s read to show his appreciation for all the write-ups. Except that he doesn’t know if the people concerned get his reply.

What does Papa Chen have and others don’t?

Papa Chen shrugs. He is surprised at the sudden turn of events.

In fact, he didn’t even audition for ‘My Binondo Girl.’ All he ever knows is his seven years publicity in the Chowking commercial made him so noticeable, the CEOs in the ABS-CBN series figured they have already found the chinito that they will partner up with Ai Ai Delas Alas.

The first things Richard did when he got the offer were to inform the ABS-CBN that he had no any experience or training in acting and to get the opinion of his family about this matter.

After then, the marketing guy came to a decision to give acting a chance and he gained so much learning since.

“I used to think it was easy to act. Mahirap pala talaga. You have to get your emotions from your experiences.”

In the moment he was start acting his co-stars never left him hanging and also his co-workers in his day job are very supportive.

“Ms. Ai Ai is very down-to-earth, despite her celebrity status. She welcomed me to the show and was very patient with me. Ms. Cherry Pie Picache helped me internalize. She was very helpful to me. While my co-workers understand as long as we get the job done, it’s okay.”

He still goes to work during non-taping days and on taping breaks. He insists he doesn’t get any special treatment.

What he will do when the time he ahs to choose between his day job and showbiz?

Richard Yap chooses to be practical. It will be depends on which offers the better opportunity. He is open to everything as long as it’s a good opportunity.

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