Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Anne Curtis Temporarily Leaves ‘It’s Showtime’


The Filipina actress Anne’s secret project keeps fans and the local entertainment industry guessing.

What is the reason why she is leaving ‘It’s Showtime’ temporarily? Are there any projects she will be doing? When she will be back on her noon time show?

Anne Curtis has temporarily left the Kapamilya noontime show “It’s Showtime” to pursue her dream according to the latest celebrity update.

“This is it! Bye Manila!!! See you in a month! Tweet you in a bit! Pray for me please.” Anne tweeted on May 24, 2012.

And a few hours later she tweeted again that she is in Japan for a stopover en route to her final destination.
As you remember, the actress turned so emotional when she announced in “it’s Showtime” that she will be gone for a month to pursue her dream on Wednesday May 23, 2012. She also said that this is a “new challenge and a “very big step” for her.

What is this “very big step”?

“Meron po akong gagawin. This is a very big step for me. It’s something na gusto kong i-pursue sa dreams ko. Basta bagong challenge its sa life ko at para rin naman pos a inyong lahat at sa mga followers ko,” Anne said.

As of now she can’t tell what her next project and what is this “very big step” she’ll be doing but she promised to reveal it when the right time comes.

She also thanked the staff and her co-hosts in “It’s Showtime” for understanding and supporting her dreams.

“It’s something to do with pursuing my dream. It’s a new chapter in my life, something that’s challenging. I just really want to do it,” Anne said in Bandila on Thursday May 24, 2012.

However, Curtis promised to her fans that she will be coming back after a month, and that she’ll definitely miss her “It’s Showtime” family and the “madlang pipol.” She was also very touched by the show’s farewell party for her.

There are speculations circling around that Anne’s departure or big step has something to do with a Hollywood film.

In fact, the host and entertainment reporter Ogie Diaz tweeted on Thursday May 24, 2012, “Truth 1 month mawawala sa bansa si Anne Curtis dahil naka-cast sya sa siang Hollywood film. Full length ang role.”

The 27 year old Anne Curtis reacted with a short tweet to Ogie: “Mali po kayo J.” Then Ogie replied, “—ok Let’s just wait and see. Pag mali source ko, magsosori ako. Pano pag tama?”

“All of you, just be patient. I’ll let you know when I’m allowed to J Just be happy for me,” she tweeted again.

Well, whatever it is good luck Anne!!! And we will always support you...

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