Thursday, May 17, 2012

Six Reason Why Women Love Coco Martin


Women scream, sigh and even cry every time they see their idol, Coco Martin.

What makes Coco Martin so popular among females?

In the latest celebrity update, the Filipino actor Coco Martin is one of the ‘perfect’ actors. His co-star in Star Cinema’s upcoming film “Born to Love You” even called him “Aktor ng Dekeada” according to Malou de Guzman.

However, let us answer the question “why is this guy so loved by so many women?” aside from his looks.

Here are the 6 reasons, from least to best, why Coco Martin makes women’s heart melt so easily:

6.  He supports you… even if he suffers.
- Coco understands the need to motivate women. He guided Angeline Quinto and patiently explained the mechanics even if doing so was very tiring when they paired up in the Star Cinema’s “Born to Love You.”
5. He appreciates your efforts.
- A guy who keeps an eye on your efforts to get better yourself is a dream comes true. You’re one hell of a fortunate girl if you find a guy like this as well as he is also a super sexy man.
4. He is very patient.
- Even in their simplest and most not guilty acts, ladies have that tendency to get on the guys’ nerves. However this doesn’t relate to him. Visualize, the guy can get more than 10 slaps and still manage to joke about it in the end! He also asked Angeline to hit his face for real so she could truly feel the emotions needed for the scene when they were filming.
3. He remains humble.
- A guy who’s man enough to embrace his humble beginnings is everyone’s favorite. You have one of the hottest guys in the industry and a Nazarene devotee trapped in the same body. Despite the success and the intrigues, he remains thankful and grounded.
2. He’s a true gentleman.
- The secret to every girl’s heart? Treat her with respect. Asked about his thoughts on being the first man to kiss the Star Power winner on screen, Coco’s answer showed the value that make him who is.
1. His kiss gives justice to the word “yummy!”
-  Admit it ladies! No matter how great his personality is, if he has that biggest turn-off, you won’t really like him. Thankfully, the Best Actor’s kiss is “delicious.” Take it from Angeline who was lucky enough to kiss him in “Born to Love You.”

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