Friday, September 14, 2012

Big Bang’s Seungri Caught Up In Sex Scandal Rumors!


Big Bang’s Seungri has been implicated in a sex scandal.

Is it really true that Seungri has a sex scandal leaked? Is it affecting the YG Entertainment? Is YG’s stocks to plummet because of Seungri’s scandal?

Check out the Seungri sex scandal story and photos leaked below!

In the latest celebrity update, rapper Vasco condemned the rumors circling about the suggested YG’s stocks would be plummeting now that Seungri of Big Bang has been swept up in an exposed scandal and he taken it to his Twitter account.

“YG’s stocks to plummet because of Seungri’s scandal? Don’t be ridiculous. If that’s the case, then buy up now. It’s an opportunity. It’ll take more than just a scandal like that for YG or Big Bang to go under.”

After reading Vasco’s tweet, people responded by saying, “Wise statement”and“This should all blow over pretty soon.”

On September 13th, A Japanese media and tabloid magazine “Friday” already released a story with the provocative title, “Famous Hallyu Idol Group ‘Big Bang’s Bed Photos Leaked”, and exposed pictures of a man who they declare is Seungri of Big Bang.
It also reported that photos leaked were taken by a woman who declares she has spent a night with Seungri.

“Currently residing in Japan, Seungri’s bed scandal was revealed… A woman who slept with him shared, ‘Seungri has the habit of choking [the other individual involved] during sexual intercourse,” the tabloid magazine stated and also added that the woman allegedly claimed that “he ejaculated on her stomach and didn’t help wipe it off, and rather just threw [her] a towel. In addition, he didn’t even kiss [her] once.”

Netizens have been commenting with their own opinions in this matter but most of them seem to be disbelief after hearing about this alleged sex scandal of Seungri including the scan of the magazine spreading through internet.

What did you think this matter? Did you believe it or not?

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