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Don Philip On His Emotional X Factor 2012 Reunion With Britney Spears!

Don Philip and Britney Spears had an emotional reunion in the second season of X Factor!

Did The X Factor edit the “Gay out” of Don Philip following his coming out meltdown to Britney Spears?

Check out the biggest moments of the “X Factor” premiere and Britney Spears’ biggest challenge as a newbie below!

In the latest celebrity update, Britney Spears was put to test when judging one of the contestant Don Philip, who she had collaborated a song with way back in 1999, in the second season premiere of Simon Cowell’s “The X Factor” on Wednesday September 12, 2012.

In fact, the reunion moment of the two is one of the biggest highlight of the premiere and it’s been talked since then.

“I’ve been really working hard. I’ve been doing more writing and producing, trying to really find my sound. I’ve had a lot of ‘maybes; and a ton of ‘almosts.’ This one thing. I think this is my final chance. There’s no more after this. This has to be t for me. I’ve tried every other way,” he said to the “X Factor” cameras before the audition.


The 32 year old Don Philip was a little bit of an emotional wreck when he finally stepped in front of the judges especially when he saw Britney Spears and he was asked about what he had done in the last 10 years, the vocal coach totally broke down in tears and discussed his professional let downs.
However, there is a part that Fox chose not to air when Philip came out the he is gay on stage according to Celebuzz. Philip also addressed the controversy with RumorFix by saying,

“I’m sorry they didn’t think it was up to the X Factor standard as Britney says. They already outed me the world. Is Gay bad for FOX? I didn’t do anything bad. They edited the gay out me. I don’t understand it. Aren’t they a reality show? Is it too real?”

While X Factor responded to Philip’s statement:

“The judges were given no information about Mr. Philips prior to his audition. The personal information that Mr. Philips quickly volunteered at the start of his audition was a surprise to the judges, who asked what had happened during the past 10 years, as they were interested in Mr. Philips’ career. While we understand his decision to discuss his personal life, Mr. Philips’ sexual orientation was not something that any of them judges or producers felt was relevant to this audition. When advertising and promoting open auditions, thousands of people are informed about the ways to enter the show. Mr. Philips himself chose to enter for a chance to win a five million dollar recording contract.”

Sadly, the down fall continued when Don gave a miserable performance of Beyonce’s “Halo” and the tense judges including Britney were forced to say “no” to him.

“You don’t have a good singing voice, honestly,” Cowell told Philip.

“I feel like through the years maybe you’ve gone through a lot of hardships and battles, but your voice really isn’t up to the bar of standards of ‘The X Factor’ and what we want,” Spears tried to let him down.

Furthermore, Philip took to his Facebook account to respond this matter.

“Now this is what I have to say about Britney Spears and I know this to be true..—Britney didn’t care about me being gay--- she is the least judgmental person I know she accepts folks that accept and embrace themselves and their differences!! I will still love you Britney for always… and now to focus on the job at hand to build that house in Manila for Borther Joe Dean… and the CHILDREN.”

Meanwhile, Philip and Spears had a duet song “I Will Still Love You.” It was one of the track on Britney’s smash hit album “…Baby One More Time”.

What do you think about this matter? How do you feel about the way Britney handled it?

Listen to Don Philip and Britney Spears duet song “I Will Still Love You” below!

Check out Don Philip audition below!

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  1. I actually really liked the sound of his voice when he started to sing. I think the crying made it difficult to sing that particular song but i can tell he's got a really pop type of voice.


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