Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dara’s Twitter Hacked By One Of Her Own Members!


2NE1’s member Dara recently joined in Twitter and now it was apparently hacked by one of her own members!

Who among of Dara’s group member hacked her twitter account? Did you already follow Dara in Twitter?

Check out who among her group member hacked her account and who local celebrities already she tweeted below!

2NE1’s Dara has already joined Twitter world and used a handle name quite very familiar with her pinoy fans but in the latest celebrity update, fans was confused to the string bizarre tweets of Dara on the 19th of September.

“Twitter”, “Wow, I’m dummy”, “Ooh-Eh, Wowie-Oh-Ooh-Eh-Oh-Yoohoo”, “I Love you”, and “I am Ssandora Park”, a string bizarre post were made to Dara’s Twitter on the 19th.

Seeing the string of bizarre tweets some of celebrity responded to this tweet and fans gave their comments.

                “What are you doing?” and “Laliloolelo,” Park Bom.
                “Are Drunk?” actor Jung II Woo commented.

“I was shocked because I thought Dara’s Twitter was hacked only two days after she made it”, “I was worried you were really hacked”, It’s so cute that Park Bom looked at all the mentions”, and “ It’s funny because Jung II Woo seemed serious,” Fans and netizens commented.

However, Dara finally noticed what was going on her Twitter and explained it everything that it was CL who posted the tweets using her Twitter account.


“Ack. While I was getting my makeup done, the leader took my phone and played around with it. Oh, my stomach. Oh, my stomach. What is this.”

Meanwhile, Dara started her twitter account on Monday September 19, 2012 then her brother Thunder from the group MBLAQ revealed her plan and she also reconnected with local celebrities including Pokwang and TV host-actor Luis Manzano.


Mr. Pure energy Gary Valenciano also tweeted Dara an advance happy birthday greeting.
She even follows some local celebrities like Sarah Geronimo, John Prats, Melissa Ricks and Nikki Valdez.

If you still not a follower of Dara, here is her twitter account “krungy21”.

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