Saturday, September 22, 2012

Miss A Look Hip & Chic For ‘Elle Magazine’!


Miss A is the latest cover for October issue of ‘Elle’ Magazine.

Check out Miss A’s edgy, chic and mature photos for Elle magazine including their exclusive interview preview below!

In the latest celebrity update, Miss A already revealed their mature, hip and chic look for Elle magazine’s October issue.

The girls showed off another look with their own different style through vintage-inspired outfits, edgy hairstyles and chic for the pictorial.

Here is a short preview that you can expect to the girls during their exclusive interview with Elle magazine.

Fei talked and shared about her life in Korea during her adjusting period.

“Now, I can cook Korean BBQ and kimchi stew for my members. That’s how much I’ve gotten used to life in Korea.”

 On the other hands Suzy also shared her past experiences.

“Ever since I was you, I had an eclectic work experience including posing as a shopping mall model, doing taekwondo, and working part-time jobs.”

So if you want their full coverage of their interview just make it sure you grab a copy the October issue of ‘Elle’ magazine!

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