Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hayden Kho Ready To Face Women From His Past!


The Former doctor Hayden Kho is willing to work with the women he was previously linked to as he re-enters showbiz.

Is Hayden ready to work with Katrina? Did he ask former partner Vicki Belo for permission to enter show business again?

Check out if Hayden is really ready to come back to showbiz and if he also ready to work with the women in his past below!

In the latest celebrity update, Hayden Kho is definitely ready to comeback in entertainment world after years of appearing in different television shows proceeding to his sex video scandal.

Hayden is now co-managed by Growl Entertainment, a management company handled by Regal Films’ Lily and Roselle Monteverde, among others.

“I don’t want to go back to show business na walang preparation na tulad ng before na bigla na lang akong sinabak dun na ang alam ko lang medicine. E, nag-panic attack yata ako nun, kung ano-ano tuloy nagawa ko,” he said in his exclusive interview with GMA-7’s “Startalk TX” on Saturday September 22, 2012.

“Of course, this is a very, very welcome and very exciting off (from) tita Roselle and Mother (Lily),” he added.

Hayden also clarified that he doesn’t need to get permission to enter showbiz again from his former partner Vicki Belo.

                “Walang kailangang pagpaalaman,” he said.

Furthermore, Hayden revealed that he is ready to work with the previous women who linked to him including Katrina Halili and he confessed that he already try reach out to the people involved.

“I think I’m very ready. I mean, kahit naman before nag-try naman ao mag-reach out. Hindi ko na pinaalam sa mga tao pero nag-try naman akong mag-reach out sa mga taong yun. Yung iba nakausap ko, at naayos na. So I think okay na. Pero… iwan na lang natin dun yun, he shared.

Meanwhile, the 32 year old actor is set to do the upcoming Regal Films’ movie “the Bride and the Lover” for his comeback and film debut. The movie is scheduled to release on 2013.

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