Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Ruffa Guttierrez Fights Back

Ruffa Guttierrez

The Filipina model and beauty queen Ruffa Guttierrez made a statement about the issue involving her with the couple Shaina Magdayao and John Lloyd Cruz.

As you remember last week in Celebrity Update, the couple Shaina and John Lloyd give their own statements according to the issue of Ruffa’s text messages with her ex-boyfriend and Shaina replied asking leave them alone. This issue was all over the news.

So what Ruffa is going to say about this? She will fight back against what Shaina said?

And now in the latest Celebrity update about Ruffa Guttierrez, She thinks this issue is a ‘cheap.’ She did post on her twitter page to broke her silence that she never texted John Lloyd.

“To clear the issue: I never started any texting conversation. I challenge anyone to prove otherwise. That chapter in my life has long been over. I’m very happy with my life and my girls now. I sincerely wish both of them well.”

Ruffa also tweeted this message while Shaina’s interview in ‘Bandila’ on television.

            “I warned you not to test my patience and I warned you not to lie. You just did.”

So its mean one of them is lying? So who do you think of them is telling the truth? Well, one of these days it will be revealed.

In the meantime, the 37 year old actress thanked both of them for clearing her named that she was not the reason why their relationship torn apart. She wish them both well.

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