Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sarah Geronimo Afraid to Fall in Love AGAIN!


Sarah Geronimo has been brokenhearted before and now she is more careful when it comes to heart matters.

As you can see, heartache has a method of making Sarah disappointed.

However, in the latest celebrity update, the pop star Sarah Geronimo admitted that she is scared to fall in love again.

“I am past the stage of bitterness and pain.” Sarah said on her press conference in her Star Cinema’s Romantic Comedy ‘I Won’t Last a Day Without you,’ this is the 2nd time around team-up with Gerald Anderson.

In this case, she doesn’t ready to fall in love once again after what happened to her relationship with Rayver Cruz but this hurting experience has educated her a couple of lessons.

Geronimo also told to press that she wanted a man who can fight for her because it’s not enough if she is the only one who is fighting for her man instead her man should also fight for her.

Geronimo also stated that she is totally moved on from the past and all she wanted to do now is to pray and eternal love will lastly come her way. She also does believe that it will come in the right time and in the right place.

The 23 year old Sarah Geronimo doesn’t want a boyfriend continuously or to say she has a boyfriend, all she wants is to have a man that is ready to marry her. She believed that relationship won’t last so she never said to anyone that ‘I won’t last a day without you.’

In fact, Sarah is a strong woman now and she finally can express her feelings like it wasn’t before. Her pain and experience in life made her stronger than ever and now she is prepared to meet her Mr. Right.

Well I hope you finally meet the right one for you the one who can fight for your love and willing to stay with you along the way.

Good luck to your upcoming movie “Won’t Last A Day Without You!” 

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