Thursday, November 03, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Back to Jail Again

Lindsay Lohan sentenced 30 days in jail.

Its look like the troubled actress has another problem again. The time she face her first legal problems in a drunken driving case in a court began in 2007, it becomes her daily activities and she is been lay low in her work.

Lohan was sentenced to 30 days in prison by the US judge Stephanie Sautner.

What’s she done wrong this time? What’s the reason why she is going back to the jail?

In the latest celebrity news update, the 25 year old Lohan violated her probation by deteriorating to keep up with the society service necessities.

The real deal, Judge Stephanie Sautner was the one who sentenced Lindsay to be back in jail for 30 days however it will be delay for a week because the judge decided to permit her time to complete her photo shoot for Playboy Magazine.

In the meantime, Lindsay’s lawyer Shawn Holley told the judge that Lohan had a contract with Playboy and a contract worth of $1 million dollar. She needs to fulfill her responsibilities to Playboy and the shoot must be completed this week but if she didn’t do it she would be in breach of her contract.

So that’s the reason why the judge gives her a week delayed to finish her unfinished business with Playboy after that she need to surrender.

If Lohan fails to follow this time, she will be sent to jail for 270 days.

I hope this time she will do it and over come her problems.

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