Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nichkhun And IU voted by Elle Magazine’s Readers As The Idols They Most Want To Vacation With!


Nichkhun and IU won in the Elle Magazine’s poll question who’s celebrity they most want to vacation with.

Check out who else rank in the top 4 boys and girls in Elle magazine below!

In the latest celebrity update, Elle magazine held a poll as 2PM’s Nichkhun for boys and IU for girls were the chosen one as the idols fans most wanted to take a vacation with.

2PM’s Nichkhun ranked number 1 in the list of most wanted male celebrity they want to have vacation with and gets 42% of votes. Elle magazine’s readers gave their comments.

“It would be paradise wherever we went”, and “Khun, you don’t have to do anything! I’ll take care of everything!”

On the other hand, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon came in second with 27% of votes; in third place got G-Dragon of Big Bang and SHINee’s Minho took the fourth place with 13% of votes.

Meanwhile, IU was the #1 female celebrity and got 39% of votes. Elle magazine’s readers gave their comments too for IU.

“A trip filled with happiness! Her laid=back personality and easy going charm makes her seem like an unni,” and “A vacation with IU would be a ‘Good Day’ like her song, everyday.”

On the other hand, Miss A’s Suzy made in second place with 27%, 2NE1’s Dara earned 18% while SISTAR’s Hyorin took in fourth with 16%.

So how about you which idol would you most want to vacation with?

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