Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Anne Curtis Talks About Her ‘Hollywood Dream’!


The OMG! Awards Celebrity of the Year Anne Curtis talks about her dreams and experience in Hollywood!

Will Anne Curtis leave the country to pursue a career in Hollywood? Will Anne bid local showbiz good-bye for Hollywood? Is she open to do more projects in Hollywood if the opportunity comes? Will Anne and Erwan Heusaff plan to get married soon?

In the latest celebrity update, Anne Curtis admits she earned success the hard way.

“Hindi naman lahat ay given to you on a silver platter so you have to work hard. I’m so happy that it wasn’t an easy climb for me to get here. It took me 15 years, she said.

Anne is back to hosting in her noontime variety show “It’s Showtime” after a month of shooting the Hollywood indie film “Blood Ransom” in the US. She is very thankful for that wonderful experience, especially since she has long wanted to do an indie film.

“I was just, ‘Lord thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.’ It’s not something that, yeah, you joke around about it. But, hindi ba, it just fell into my lap? I’m happy and I just have to be grateful for it. Yes, it’s good to dream but you also to be thankful for everything,” she said.

Anne emphasize that she will never leave her career here in the Philippines because of her love for her fans but she is still open for any opportunities comes.

“I said na I’ll never leave my career, that’s for sure. I love what I’m doing here. I could never give up what I have here. Hindi naman ako tatanggaping singer doon no? So happy ako ditto, tanggap ako na singer ditto. Being able to work there and see how they are, I’m open to maybe going there auditioning for some stuff, but not leaving my career, siguro one or two months, pero not yet. Siguro, two or three years pa,” she explained.

Meanwhile, her love life is also on the upswing. Anne relationship with his beau Erwin Heusaff is going stronger than ever despite recent breakups in showbiz.

In fact, Anne said that the key of all this is time management.

“I think it’s all about just knowing how to manage both. Don’t make either your whole life. Make time management, pantay ang love life, pantay ang work at hindi napapbayaan ang bawat isa. Hindi pa iyon (getting married) ang priority, we both have our goals na we wanna achieve and we are achieveing them. Parang it’s not a priority yet, but who knows. When right time comes, why not?” Anne said.

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