Friday, September 23, 2011

Charlie’s Angels Remake

Charlie's Angels

The Charlie’s Angels are back again, not in movie, they are back once again in television.

In the latest celebrity update, ABC Family brings you a remake of an action and drama Charlie’s Angels from the hit of the 70s into the new generation. It will premiere on Thursday September 22, 2011 at 8 p.m. and it is the 35th anniversary of the debut of the original show.

ABC Family takes a chance of remaking one of the most popular television series “Charlie’s Angels.” In the previous celebrity update, a lot of people were shock and it became the talk the whole time when ABC announced that they picked the series and it will begins in the fall.

Before the beginning of the show, some of reviews have been said that it will not be a popular or outrank the 70s Charlie’s Angels and they are starting to compare the two shows.

Charlie’s Angels is about the three beautiful women working for the mysterious millionaire Charlie Townsend to solve different crimes.

Meanwhile, the 21st century angels are Eve French (Minka Kelly), Abby Sampson (Rachael Taylor) and Kate Prince (Annie llonzeh). You can expect that they are wearing different hot outfits during their combat battle.

The new Charlie’s Angels gives you an intriguing premise and it brings you a fresh twist of the story as it proceeds.

Well, we will see if the show has what it takes to other shows. Good Luck! 

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