Saturday, September 17, 2011

David Beckham Wants Another Baby…

David Beckham with Ellen DeGeneres

Photo Source: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

The American Footballer David Beckham wants to have another baby even though their last baby Harper Seven is only two months old.

In the latest hot gossip, David and Victoria Beckham are already thinking to have another baby so their family becomes “7.” Seven is the lucky number of David Beckham and this is one of the reason why he still want another one and he told Ellen DeGeneres when he was the guest of the show on Friday September 16, 2011.

We all know that in the recent celebrity news, the couple welcomed their 1st baby girl into their family along with their three big brothers Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. However, Beckham family would be so happy to add one more to their family.

“If we’re lucky enough to have another one, it would be great. We always spoke about having a big family. We love children. We are very blessed to have four healthy children so if one comes along that would be amazing.” The 36 year old David told Ellen DeGeneres.

Meanwhile, David also made some revelation about his obsession with the number “7” when the couple made it baby Harper’s middle name. Just for a record, Baby Harper was born on July 7 at 7:55 am, weighing 7lbs and 10 oz. Daddy Beckham wore his number 7 jersey when he played for Manchester United and England.
On the other hand, Ellen ask the about the “7” connection.

“You want five kids, so then it’s a seven” and she added, “That’s probably why you’re doing it.”
David admitted. “What can say? I love the number seven.”

Ellen DeGeneres gave David a little present for his baby daughter, it is a tiny LA Galaxy sweat suit. It was so cute…

Well, as long as you can, go for it! If you want to watch the whole interview you can watch it at!

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