Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Demi Lovato’s New Album “Unbroken” is Out

The American recording artist Demi Lovato’s latest album “Unbroken” is already released through all music stores.

In the recent celebrity news, the 19 year old Demi Lovato’s new album is the most anticipated comeback, it is the huge return to the music world since she take a break and it immediately got a place to the top of the charts.

On the other hand, the critics are also given their saying about the album of Demi Lovato and so far the reviews have been mixed by the two biggest magazines: “Entertainment Weekly” and “Rolling Stone.”
“There are two ways for pop stars to make a Survivor Album: either power-sing throughyour problems like Christina Aguilera, or make like Rihanna and dance til you forget what you’re supposed to be getting over. On her first release since checking out of rehab, Demi Lovato wants to have it both ways… Clearly it’s been a tough year for Lovato. But Rihanna could tell her, sometimes bad years make great songs.” According to Melissa Maerz of “Entertainment Weekly” and gave a B+

While Monica Herrera of “Rolling Stone” gave 2 stars and said, “On her third LP, her newfound vulnerability sometimes makes for good songs… But ‘Unbroken’ is mostly sunshine and slumber-party hooks, complete with reggae doo-wop (“You’re My Only Shorty”) and Lovato’s ditzy seductress act on (“All Night Long”) She’s grown into her voice. Now, if only her music would grow up too.”

In the latest hot gossip, All the Lovato’s fans have already got in the record stores to buy the album a few hours after its release. Demi’s latest album place to number 1 on iTunes on the September 20, 2011 and the people who bought the album already love it especially her fans.

Meanwhile, Some of Lovato’s fans tweet about the album and to celebrate the release of the album.

“Unbroken is by far the best album I’ve heard all year. Yes, I’m aware that Born This Way was released this year.” Kevine Narine tweeted.

"Everybody Go pick up THE BEAUTIFUL @ddlovato album now!!!! On iTUNES ‘UNBROKEN’ #SWAGG.” Sean Kingston tweeted.
Rebecca Black is also expressed her sentiment about the album of Demi Lovato in her Twitter page, “listening to @ddlovato’s new album #UNBROKEN!! I’m loving it. Sounds amazing. <3 (:”

I already listen to all tracks of her album and I can say that it was pretty amazing and it’s beautiful. Great job Demi and congrats!!!

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