Friday, September 23, 2011

X Factor didn’t OUTRANK American Idol

The premiere of Simon Cowell’s highly anticipated American television singing competition “The X Factor” didn’t beat the American Idol premiere.

In the latest celebrity update, X Factor only got the averaged of 8.7 household rating while the season 10 premiere of American Idol got 16.4 household rating. It is almost half and its beyond of expectation of Simon Cowell. In the last night’s head to head competition “Modern Family” of ABC Family and “Criminal Minds” of CBS beat “the X Factor” rating of households.

As you remember in the recent celebrity update, Simon was desperately wanted to outrank his old show in the household ratings department but it looks like the show needs more audience.

The show was a little bit quiet start but it needs some more time to build and gather audience or viewers. However, the 1st season and 1st ever episode of American Idol only got the rating of 6.1 in 2002 and the time proceeds, the show build a loyal viewers and supporters so it’s not bad for X Factor.

In the other hand, The X Factor gives the richest prize on television about $5 million recording contract and also Fox spent up to $250 million on just to fight the U.S. rights away from NBC.

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