Friday, September 16, 2011

The Secret Circle Premiere

The CW has new supernatural series to offer “The Secret Circle” which premiered yesterday September 15, 2011. As we all know in the past celebrity news, CW announced that they will be picking this show.

The Secret Circle is new American witch cycle based on the book series of the same name; it was written by L.J. Smith and developed by Andrew Miller for The CW Television Network.
The vampires and ware wolves are done. The Zombies and ghosts are also done and after a long time ago since “Charmed” ends, the witch series is back to take their turn once again on television with different set of story. We all know that “Charmed” was the hit witch series and now “The Secret Circle” will take the chance to hit the spotlight in this generation.

The basic concept of the show is a little bit familiar or similar to another show of CW “The Vampire Diaries.” The two shows feature a group of young people dealing with supernatural issues. However, the different of “The Secret Circle,” the group of people are a lot more focused to their supernatural issues and all of them are witches.

The story starts with the young teenage girl Cassie Blake which portray by Britt Robertson of Life Unexpected. She was living with her mother until the mysterious car trouble at the same time the tragedy happen to her mother. Cassie moves to her grandmother Jane, which is portray by Ashley Crow of Heroes, at northwestern hometown of Chance Harbor after the tragedy.  And that’s the beginning of her new mysterious journey where she will find out that she is a witch and her love interest Adam, which portray by Thomas Dekker of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Here are the other cast:
·         Faye – Phoebe Tonkin – a mean girl
·         Melissa – Jessica Parker Kennedy – a sidekick
·         Diana – Shelley Henniq – the sweet girl
·         Nick – Louis Hunter – the boy next door

The pilot episode of The Secret Circle is a little bit slow but it happens all the time like in other series. Let’s find out what will going to happen next in the coming episodes.
If you want more about The Secret Circle, just go to their Facebook Fan page and it Aires at 9 pm every Thursday.

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