Friday, October 14, 2011

Lauren Alaina’s New Album “Wildflower” Released

Lauren Alaina - WILDFLOWERS
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The American country singer Lauren Alaina released her debut album and it’s officially out on October 11, 2011. She kicks off her Album “Wildflower” release week. 

“I feel like it has a flavor for everybody. There are fast songs for people who like up-tempos that you can dance to, and there are also tearjerkers for people who like slower ballads. I tried to get songs that are all a little different so that we could bring fresh feel to each and every song.” She said.

In the latest celebrity update, the American Idol runner-up was pretty in purple as she performs two tracks which are ‘Like My Mother Does’ and the follow-up single ‘Georgia Peaches’ from her album “Wildflower” on Good Morning America in New York City on Tuesday morning October 11, 2011.

“I am so excited to share it with the fans who have been supporting me throughout my journey. I hope they enjoy listening to this record as much as I did making it.” She told ‘The Boot’ about her debut album.

Check Lauren Alaina performances on Good Morning America:

Lauren Alaina - "Georgia Peaches" - GMA, 10/11/11

Lauren Alaina - "Like My Mother Does" - GMA, 10/11/11

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