Friday, October 21, 2011

Jessica Simpson’s Father Wants $500,000 For Pregnancy Exclusive

The American television personality Jessica Simpson’ father wants $500, 000 before giving an exclusive announcement for her daughter’s pregnancy.

For the latest celebrity update, Jessica Simpson is still not saying anything whether she is a pregnant or not but everyone at this point is confirming and saying she is really pregnant.

As you can see in her recent photos, she always wearing loose clothes and sometimes it was pretty obvious her baby bump.

And now, Jessica’s father Joe Simpson is holding out for money and he is asking for half a million dollars just to reveal his daughter pregnancy according to several sources.

Joe Simpson was refusing to confirm or say anything to pregnancy until they have inked a magazine deal according to the source who told “Page Six.” This is what Page Six said. 

“The singer/fashion designer and mentor on NBC’s Fashion Star” had been shopping a deal to the celebrity weeklies to announce the news and sell the eventual baby photos. 
We’re told the Simpsons were asking up to $500,000 to close the deal. And Jessica has been hiding an obvious bump in recent photos to keep showbiz’s worst kept secret. 
Last night OK! Posted the cover story, ‘Yes, I’m having a Baby.’ Jessica is engaged to former NFL star Eric Johnson, but the wedding hasn’t been revealed. 
‘We’re enjoying our commitment to each other,’ Simpson said recently. ‘We want to take our time… We might elope if it gets to that point.’
A representative for Simpson had no comment.”

However, many people are not so happy about this issue because it is pretty much obvious then why they want to keep it? So they agree that this is pretty lame for asking money for it. Don’t you think it is a worth half a million just for the conformation? What do you think about it? Or is there any chances she is just not really pregnant?

Well, I think we should wait because sooner or later it will come out soon whether she is pregnant or not.

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