Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Steven Tyler Rushed to the Hospital

Steven Tyler
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The American Idol judge Steven Tyler was staying in Bourbon Hotel at the Asucion, Paraguay when he was rushed in to the Hospital on Tuesday October 25, 2011.

Tyler had a little accident while he was taking a shower. He slipped and falls in the shower.

What will happen next? He is going to stay in the hospital? or not? He had serious injury?

In the latest celebrity update, Steven was forced to cancel his one day performance in Paraguay and reschedule it in some other day according to the spokesperson for the local concert organizer.

The 63 year old Tyler suffered cuts to his face near to his eyebrow so he received some stitches on it and he lost two teeth then it had dental emergency for it. It takes almost four hours stay at the La Costa medical center in Paraguay according to a hospital statement.

However, he was discharged in a great condition to continue resting but he still not able to do the concert for now.

Steven had been dehydrated and was suffering gastrointestinal problems according to the post of Nicholas Garzia in the Twitter page.

In the meantime, as you recall from the last two years, Tyler also had an accident by falling off the stage during a concert in South Dakota and broke his shoulder.

Well he need to be careful next time because he always falling in any circumstances. We all hope that he will be alright. We guess he will be always ready to rock out whether he has teeth or no teeth. 

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