Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Next Project “PLAYBOY” Magazine

Lindsay Lohan Covers in New York Magazine
at 2008

The American troubled actress Lindsay Lohan is taking a top secret photo shoot on Monday October 24, 2011 and Tuesday October 25, 2011.

According to the E! News, this spread photos is for the upcoming issue of ‘Playboy magazine.’ she will be daring and ready to all-the-way uncovered? Well let’s see if she will be going all the bad reputation.

In the meantime, the 25 year old fashion model refused the $750,000 payment to expose her body in the magazine according to the source of TMZ.

In the latest celebrity update, Lindsay has been offered a $1 million worth just to pose in Hugh Hefner’s magazine “PlayBoy” after she refused the initial amount of $750, 000.

As you remember this not the first time she posed naked on the magazine. In 2008, LiLo stripped off to remake the Infamous ‘Last Sitting’ shots of Marilyn Monroe and she confessed that is the time she was comfortable with nudity.

“I didn’t have to put much thought into it. Working with Bert Stern on a Marilyn Monroe shoot was really an honour. When is that ever going to come up again? I wanted to portray the look and get it point-on as much as I could, to bring it back to life. I was comfortable with it, the nudity and everything.” She said.

Well good for her that she is back on the track and earning some money. This is not new for her so all of her fans know she can do it and they will support her in any ways. I hope this would be a good start of her new clean career. 

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