Monday, October 24, 2011

John Mayer On Vocal Rest After Throat Surgery

John Mayer at the Mile High Music Festival on July 20, 2008
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The American blues musician singer-songwriter John Mayer undergoes surgery this week to take away a Granuloma from above his vocal cord. He also announced his unfortunate condition on his blog over a month.

Mayer was hoping to correct his condition that failed to heal on its own after he went through with the procedure on Thursday afternoon October 20, 2011.

In the Celebrity Update heard about throat surgery is very delicate situation and there is always a danger that he can lose his voice entirely if something goes wrong.

The latest Update, the 34 year old John Mayer was having a two weeks rest after the throat surgery and he revealed it on his blog.

“It’s been a very long process in waiting to see if time was an alternative to surgery, but even given two weeks’ voice rest (along with many other approaches), there was no change for the better. I should be frustrated but I can’t seem to stop thinking about beautiful things… I never thought I’d be wishing I could do what I love again, I stay in at night, picking guitar parts off of records and dreaming of playing on the big stage. The only difference between now and when I was 18 is that now I have this beautiful, meaningful record waiting for me when I can sing it. Until then, I’m taking off. Going to travel the country, look and listen.”

So Mayer will be taking off from his work and have some a holiday vacation for awhile. Let’s hope and pray John Mayer recovery from his condition and be back in a good health in the future.

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