Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Did Lindsay Lohan Stole $90,000 in Limo Rides?

The American actress Lindsay Lohan is being sued for not paying her limo bill but there is more she also accused that she stole a $90,000 bill. 

In the latest celebrity update, Lindsay Lohan got some of money and services without paying any of it. However, some people think that this is some sort of a mistake or misjudge because she’s so rich and pretty even though she is still out of a Job.

Here are what TMZ reports about it:

“Elite Transportation Limo and Security Services claims Lindsay Lohan rode with them from February 2009. Elite claims Lindsay also booked limos for her friends and family. Some of the payments show a $6,000 an hour rate, which also includes security. As for payments… well, Elite says she pulled a Lindsay. And with penalties and late charges, the $33,978 bill has now swelled to $90,585.79.”

Well, let’s see what Lindsay say about this issue. I think the simple solution to this problem is always make it sure you’ll get some advance payment or half of the payment in advance before you lend your services or you’ll have signed documents for both parties before the services and after the payment.

Meanwhile, the comeback movie of Lindsay Lohan will be not happening any time soon because the movie is now on hold indefinitely due to financial issues.

“It does appear that the ‘Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father’ has simply hit the wall. There’s no money to move forward, and producer Marc Fiore has not been able to raise the money he needs. Fiore has been Fiore has been telling various players in this saga that ‘money is coming from overseas,’ etc. but so far it hasn’t arrived. All work has halted, although not much work has actually happened. It’s unlikely production could begin in January since almost nothis has been done yet viz a viz sets, costumes, or planning,” according to Showbiz 411.

However, the 25 year old Lohan doesn’t have to come back from Paris where she is working with Philipp Plein on his new collection.

Well, we are hoping that she will get a job any time soon and I know her fans are still missing her and we hope she will get through these problems. 

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