Friday, October 28, 2011


The Office Cover
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These couple of weeks rumors has been spreading that one of previous cast of ‘The Office’ will be returning once again.

Yes, that’s true, one of the previous members will be coming back to the show.

So who do you think will coming back to reprise his/her role from the previous season? So you have in mind?

Catherine Tate will reprise her character from the last May 19, 2011’s finale as Nellie Bertram, a injudicious special projects manager, this coming February 2012 for Season 8. She was one of the contenders meeting to put back Michael Scott (Steve Carell). She also has given a multiple episodes for the show according to the press release of NBC.

Let’s watch her to be take on by Jo Bennett (Kathy Bates) Sabre Chief executive but this is more interesting with whom may she get caught up romantically?

According to the television spoiler and celebrity updates, Paul Lieberstein, The Office executive producer, gives a statement about it and say,

“Her relationship with Robert California will be far from professional. We’re thrilled that she’s joining the cast.” He said.

Let’s watch her on February 2012 when she gets back on the series but there are a lot of funny moments and words each and every week on ‘The Office.’

This is the Best News Ever for her fans.

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