Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Secret Circle: Episode 06 “Wake”

The Secret Circle Cover
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Did you already watched the episode 05 “Slither?” if not, well you should be before take a look to the next episode preview because this is ‘The Secret Circle’ spoiler update warning for you.

The executive producer Andrew Miller goes into depth about shocking development and revelations that went don on the episode 06 “Wake.”

A lot of people were shocked when they found out Nick (Louis Hunter) is really dead on the show so they keep asking why writers made this decision.

“The reality is we had this show about a group of people connecting with one another in order to achieve great things. It felt like you couldn’t fully understand what that meant without breaking that connection somehow.” Miller told E! News it was all about ‘establishing the stakes’ of this world.

There are also no plans if they will considered Nick will be back even if in supernatural way but you should keep your eyes on for the introduction of Chris Zylka’s Jake next week as Nick’s older brother.

Well as you may expect the death of Nick will hit Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) so hard than anybody else and it will leads to affect her friendship with Faye (Phoebe Tonkin). In addition, Adam (Thomas Dekker) won’t exactly be Jake’s biggest fan.

So when Jake, a mysterious young man, shows up in Chance Harbor, he learns a lot has changed since his last visit. For one, the girl he left behind, Faye has discovered she’s a witch and has plans to get even with the handsome guy who broke her heart. To complicate things further, he sets his sights on the alluring Cassie (Britt Robertson), much to Adam and Faye’s disappointment.

So for you what did you think of Nick’s death? Are you excited to see Nick’s older brother?

Well, just tune on Thursday night October 20, 2011 in CW channel.

Check this sneak preview:

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