Thursday, September 19, 2013

2PM’s Nichkhun Posts Picture Of His Arrival In China!

2PM’s Nichkhun posts a photo, where he arrives in China.

What Nichkhun will be doing in China? What Nichkun's fans say about his photo?

Excited to know more about Nichkhun? Well, check out the story below!
In the latest celebrity update, 2PM’s Nichkhun shared a photo on his personal Weibo during his arrival in China for his Chinese fans.

“Xiamen, I’ve returned. Did you miss me? I really missed you,” He wrote including his photo above.

In Nichkhun’s uploaded photo of himself, he is looking sweet and innocent as usual with his pale complexion and self-assured smile.

In fact, a lot of his fans are happy to see his good-looking face again and probably wishing the message was directed towards them rather than Xiamen.

Meanwhile, one of a fan commented that most people take pictures from an upper angle, yet he took this one from a lower angle. This just proves that it’s hard to find a bad angle of the singer-actor.

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