Tuesday, September 03, 2013

‘American Idol’ Judges That Walked Away!

Though ‘American Idol’ has lured A-listers in the show, not all celebrities want to be an ‘Idol’ judge.

Why they walked away from ‘American Idol’? What are their reasons?

Excited to know more the reasons of the celebrities who turned down ‘American Idol’? Well, check out the story below!

In the latest celebrity update, ‘American Idol’ has lured A-listers like Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Mariah Carey but apparently not every celebrity wants to be an ‘Idol’ judge.

Here are a few who walked away from one of the biggest job offers in television:

First, the Black Eyed Pea was extremely close to filling the third seat on next year’s panel but negotiations stalled over money according to multiple reports. The Hollywood reporter now says that he is out of the running and sticking with his current reality job as a coach on “The Voice U.K.”

Second, there are talks of a possible all-“idol”-alum judging panel for Season 13 fizzled after Kelly Clarkson, the original idol, showed no interest in taking part. Shooting would have begun for Kelly this fall, at the same time as her wedding to Brandon Blackstock and promotion for her Christmas album, which may have had had something to do with her trepidation. Or perhaps her experience as a judge on ABC’s disastrous singing competition “Duets” made her a little gun-shy according to the Wrap.

Third, When Simon Cowell left “Idol” in 2010, the show’s powers-that-be went on a search for another fantastically cranky Brit to crush American Kids’ dreams. Well, of course, Elton John was at the top of the list but there’s a little doubt that the notoriously sharp-tongued. Curmudgeon and rock legend would have been amazing at the job; he probably would’ve out-Cowelled Simon himself. In fact, he was offered $33 million but he turned them down cold according to Access Hollywood. He later told Britain’s Daily Mail that he found singing competitions “boring” and “paralyzingly brain-cripping.” And that was years before Season 12 even aired.

Fourth, Katy Perry was offered $20 Million dollars contract to join ‘American Idol’ last year according to TMZ. If she accepted the offer, she became the highest-paid judge in reality TV – even higher than Mariah, who already signed on for $18 million.

“People have reached out to me about the possibility of being involved, and it’s not right for me yet,” she told THR.

Fifth, Toby Keith was offered an a contract of American Idol but he refused it because he didn’t want to commit to 22 weeks of shooting, which would leave him with little free time to pursue music or his other love, golf. Then the offered went to a much more mild-mannered country star Keith Urban.

Sixth, Pink got three offers in different music competition including American Idol but she turned them down all.

“I was offered ‘The Voice’ Australia plus ‘American Idol’ and ‘The X Factor.’ I said no because you can’t be honest. People will hate you if you’re honest. Simon Cowell is the only person who gets away with it because he’s got an accent. And he’s a man. People would just hate more than they already do,” She told Australia’s Herald Sun.

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