Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ellen Adarna, Goodbye Showbiz!

Sorry guys. Ellen Adarna is turning her back on show business.

How true is it? What makes Ellen decided to goodbye showbiz? Is she single? Who could be her Mr. Right?

Excited to know more about Ellen Adarna? Well, check out the story below!

In the latest celebrity update, Ellen’s father, a wealthy business man based in Cebu, has summoned his “prodigal daughter” to go back to him, three years after their misunderstanding.

“I’m going back to Cebu next year and I think 90% I’m gonna quit with my my dad asking me to go back. And I am convinced to go back,” she said.

Ellen also said that she misses the corporate life. She used to work for her father’s primary business, a chain of motels in Cebu, Manila and Davao.

“I’ll work for my family again. Marketing, I guess, since we’re building condominiums now. I’m more of a corporate girl. I am the type who wants an 8-to-5 job. I grew up like that. And then I resigned to my father and went here. I’m not really patient [in the showbiz grind],” she explained.

 However, going back to Cebu isn’t entirely the reason why she’s quitting showbiz. Ellen doesn’t seem enjoy some of the not so glamorous aspects of the industry.

“I don’t like the waiting, the long hours. Some people are very unprofessional. I hate it when people waste your time coz for me time is gold. That’s about it,” she said.

In fact, the Kapuso star will exit entertainment industry on a high note as she plays the lead role in Gil Portes’ “Ang Tag-Araw ni Twinkle,” an entry to the Film Development Council of the Philippines’ Sineng Pambansa Film Festival.

The actress relates that her character in “Tag-araw” mirrors herself plus although she never went to rehab, she said she can easily relate to her role.

“I play a troubled teenager who got into drugs and then went to rehab. I based [my acting] on my experiences. Let me say I’m 99% [of the character],” she shared.

Meanwhile, the 25 years old is currently single and isn’t ready to settle down.

“Not yet! I just broke up with my boyfriend. I don’t have plans of settling down,” she said, referring to her beau of three years, Filo Cucueco.

“I’m very hard to handle. [I want] I want someone who will understand me. Someone who will not cage me, and someone who will just let me be and trust me… and of course tall. I like tall and good-looking,” she describe her Mr. Right.

Apparently, Ellen also said that she’s not focusing on finding a wealthy man.

“As long as he’s hardworking… I can stand on my own. [A rich guy] is not something I’m really looking for. That’s never been a problem,” she said.

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