Friday, September 27, 2013

G-Dragon Reveals A Photo Of Himself Getting chased By A Lion!

Big Bang’s G-Dragon uploaded a couple of photos on his Twitter.

Excited to know more about G-Dragon? Well, check out the story below!

In the latest celebrity update, G-Dragon Post a picture in his Twitter account – where he is holding a tray, getting chased by lion and a group of people – and wrote “Wow”.

In fact, the picture is a mixed up photo and it was taken from ‘Running Man’.

On the other hand, Netizens who saw the photo left comments, such as “That his hilarious”, “G-Dragon’s happy with himself getting chased by a lion”, “He’s looking so funny.”

Meanwhile, G-Dragon appeared on September 15, 2013 broadcast of ‘Running Man’ with Seung Ri and Dae Sung.

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