Monday, September 16, 2013

Joem Bascon Ready to Expose His Private Part!

After Joem did the Joel Lamangan’s film ‘Lihis,’ where he had presumptuous sex scenes with Jake Cuenca, he became hostile as many things.

How true is it? Did Joem’s girlfriend support him? Have Joem ever thought about backing-out to the project?

Excited to know more about Joem Bascon? Well, check out the story below!
After Joem shown his butt and do the kissing scene in same sex, he became stronger and opens to all the possible opportunities he pass through as an actor like a frontal nudity in a movie according to the latest celebrity update.

In fact, Joem emphasis that he is open to show his private part if it is really need it to the story.
As an artist, he will never back out if he thinks it will going to help the story to be more realistic and to touch the viewers’ heart and their awareness of the real issue like in the film ‘Lihis’. Including kissing and do a sex scenes with a same sex again, he will never avoid it.

However, when Joem did a sex scene with Jake for the first time, Joem felt afraid that it will affect in his career. He even thinks to back-out in the project and to take away all of it. Yet, he changed his mind because he has a ‘palabra de honor’ and he already committed to Director Joel to do everything. So, he boost his courage to do the project.

Meanwhile, when Joem felt afraid he called all of his friends and he also spent more time with his girlfriend. He is very thankful to his girlfriend’s support.

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