Friday, September 20, 2013

Gerald Anderson and Maja Salvador First Public Kiss Revealed!

MAJA SALVADOR AND GERALD ANDERSON revealed the first public kisses photos of Maja Salvador and Gerald Anderson. Ever since the couple made their relationship public, Gerald and Maja has been the butt of intrigues all because of Gerald’s ex-girlfriend Kim Chui.

Excited to know more about Gerald and Maja? Well, check out the story and the photo below!

In the latest celebrity update, regardless of declarations to the opposing, Kim obviously has not yet moved on from her failed relationship with Gerald. The actress refused to watch the latter’s acclaimed movie, “On The Job”, saying she does not appreciate ‘hard action’ films but many people know the real reason.

In fact, Maja and Kim is still a cold war between the two. In the past, it was bitter feud but things have significantly simmered down since their “Ina, Kapatid, Anak” day although the rage is silent there.
Apparently, this ‘Kiss photo’ of Maja and Gerald will earn more intrigues.

Meanwhile, the kiss happened on the sidelines of the charity basketball game, which Gerald organized, at the Makati Coliseum for the benefit of HERO Foundation.

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  1. hahaha haters gonna hate.. they so suit together... that chinese thing must be on fire with anger lmfao......


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