Friday, September 13, 2013

Jake and Joem’s Intimate Scene In Lihis Not ‘Filthily’!

Even if Joem Bascon and Jake Cuenca exposed themselves and make an intimate scene together out in the public, Director Joel Lamangan make sure it’s not filthily.

What the people says about the movie? Did they complain about the intimate scene?

Excited to know more about this story? Well, check out the story below!

In the latest celebrity update, Director Joel Lamangan discussed to Jake Cuenca and Joem Bascon regarding their 3 intimate scenes together before they shoot it. The two didn’t against it instead they do it as actors.

In fact, the 3 intimate scenes became controversial, which they do it under the moon, on the rock in the middle of river and inside a cottage, because of their frontal nudity.

However, even though the intimate scenes are severe, Director Joel ensured that the outcome will be not filthily instead it will be done artistically.

The two doesn’t complain of what they did.

“During those times, was forbidden in the movement to have a relationship between two men. That was why when the opportunity came for them to ‘become one,’ the love scene becomes too passionate and looks as if they wouldn’t want to stop and be separated. So we have to show how passionate the scene really was to show how much they really love each other,” Director Joel said.

On the other hand, netizens, who already seen the movie, both of the actors rid their conscience or inhibitions and you’ll see that they were really in love to each other.

For sure, all the gays will love their courage to do these scenes. And if you don’t know that their straight men you’ll think they are gays too.

“It was first time for me to do a scene like this, that’s why, sinabi ko talaga sa sarili ko na ibibigay ko ang lahat ng makakaya ko, I would do it right, Direk Joel might get mad and ask us to repeat the entire scene. After our shoot, biniro ko si Joemm ‘tara maghanap tayo ng babae,” Jake said.

“Masyadong challenging ito kasi Jake is a friend. After scene, I told Jake, huwag muna kaming magkita because we might really fall for each other. But seriously, it felt good doing the scene but it was draining, you just have to give everything you’ve got to make the scene realistic. As an actor, you’ve got to make sure that the scene turns out right,” Joem said.

Meanwhile, the film ‘Lihis’ is a part of All Masters Series Film Festival of Sineng Pambansa. It was written by Ricky Lee. It was produced by Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) and BG Productions International of Ms. Baby Go.

‘Lihis’ also stars Lovi Poe, Isabelle Daza, Alex Castro, Tony Mabesa, Lloyd Samartino, Raquel Villavicencio, Jaime Pebanco and Ms. Gloria Diaz.

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