Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jennifer Garner Wouldn’t Be Surprised If Ben Affleck Enters Politics!

Jennifer Garner would not be surprised if husband Ben Affleck enters Politics one day.

When Ben will enter politics? Why she thinks Ben would enter politics?

Excited to know more about Jennifer Garner? Well, check out the story below!

In the latest celebrity update, Jennifer Garner told Allure magazine that even though she wouldn’t surprised that her husband enter politics, she probably won’t any time soon.

“Right now feels like he can do more good for people politically from outside the system. Would I be surprised if one day he did go into politics? No. But not now,” she said during a cover shoot.

Should Ben have at least one famous supporter?

“I’m along for the ride,” she said.

Meanwhile, Garner made headlined for joining Halle Berry in urging California lawmakers to crack down on paparazzi behavior, particularly when it comes to a celebrity’s children.

Testifying before the state assembly, she nearly cried describing how paparazzi aggressively follow her and her three young children as she takes them to school and to the pediatrician according to reports.

“I don’t want a gang of shouting, arguing, law-breaking photographers who camp out everywhere we are, all day, every day, to continue to traumatize my kids,” Garner said.

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