Thursday, September 19, 2013

Miss A’s Suzy Shares Her Solo ‘MLB dance’!

Miss A’s Suzy come out with her solo dance.

Excited to know more about Suzy? Well, check out the story and the video below!

In the latest celebrity update, Miss A represented ‘LA Style’ with an ‘LA Dance’ for ‘MLB Korea’.

In fact, Suzy tweeted the picture above with the message, “Suzy’s MLB dance,” as well as linking to her solo video below!

As the endorsement models, Miss A previously gave a shout out to LA Dodgers’ representative Korean player Ryu Hyun Jin while wearing the ‘LA Style’ line of apparel from the brand with Dodgers-related baseball jackets and hats.

Check out Suzy’s solo ‘LA Style’ dance below!

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