Friday, September 20, 2013

Fil-Canadian Host Jason Godfrey Rediscovers His Roots!

Fil-Canadian TV host and model Jason Godfrey is rediscovering his Filipino roots, now that he is visiting various regions of the country as host of AXN’s new travel show “Ten.”

What Jason discovers being a Filipino? What can he say about Filipinos and the Philippines? What are the places did Jason love in the country?

Excited to know more about Jason Godfrey? Well, check out the story below!

In the latest celebrity update, Jason Godfrey found out that he shares the Filipinos’ natural knack for cracking jokes.

“Ah yeah, definitely. But it’s not like I didn’t know any Filipinos in Canada (where he grew up). I knew about Filipinos and I think that’s what made this show fun, too. I think my sense of humor too. But I think Filipinos have a great sense of humor so when you go out and talk to people, a lot of them really get it you know they’re ready to joke around with you. If I did this in China, I don’t think it would work,” Jason said.

Jason also shared that Filipinos themselves make the country’s tourism slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines” convincing.

“Everyone would talk about Thailand as the land of smiles, but the Philippines is the same thing. Filipinos are friendly and inviting. They are always smiling, so yeah for sure, it’s more fun,” he shared.

In fact, Jason tries to capture the beauty of the place by being himself and having fun as a travel show host. He lists Cebu, Busuanga, Bacolod, Coron and Boracay as the favorite places he visited for the show.

“If you can go and have fun I think that I think that sells the place. And show these people these new experiences and different unique things. I think it’s not an overtly travel shows like here’s where we are, here’s what we need to do. It’s just like here’s this guy just having fun in the country doing really weird crazy things and if its’ fun for him, you should check it out,” he said.

As you know, Jason is also hosts for E! Asia and he is also open to entering local showbiz.

“Yeah, I don’t wanna say no to any opportunities so that’s the model in me because the model in me doesn’t know when I am gonna get paid next. So I take every job that they have for me,” he said.

Meanwhile, “Ten,” which features 10 exciting things which make any place worth visiting, premieres on September 5, 2013 on AXN.

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