Friday, September 20, 2013

JYP Nation Show Off Their Family Love On Twitter!

JYP Nation posted a picture together to show how closeness they are on Twitter.

Excited to know more about JYP Nation? Well, check out the photos and story below!

In the latest celebrity update, JYP Nation showed off their close family bond as the singers posed for pictures together and shared them on Twitter.

In fact, actor and 2PM member Jun.K (better known as Junsu) uploaded the above photo of himself with  fellow singers Miss A, 15&, 2PM, and J.Y. Park.

Even though they’re wearing black, their faces are bright and happy as they pose together for the group picture.

On the other hand, Jia and Fei also uploaded photos onto their own respective Twitter pages. Jia posed with solo artist Baek Ah Yeon.

While Fei posed with Sunmi and 15&’s Jimin.

Meanwhile, many people are really happy to see that the members of JYP Entertainment are such a tight-knit group, much like a loving family. It is clear that their relationships exceed the boundaries of their corporate foundation.

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