Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sunmi Shoots Her First Fashion Pictorials After Returning To Music Industry!

Sunmi had her first fashion photo shoot after 3 years and 7 months.

What’s the concept of the magazine for Sunmi? What she talked about in the magazine? What did she say about her former group Wonder Girls?

Excited to know more about Sunmi? Well, check out the story below!
In the latest celebrity update, Sunmi is the newest cover of the High Cut magazine in their hottest issue. Just like the concept of her new album, the photo shoot were taken with a mood of sexy yet pure.

During the interview, Sunmi talked about her performance regarding bare foot dance on stages.

“As I perform with bare feet, it hurts a lot so I make sure I tape around my feet. And since the floor is so dirty, my feet turns into black color after I’m done performing. My co-dancers laugh at my feet all the time!”  She said.

In fact, Sunmi also talked about her memories with her former group Wonder Girl’s member.

“When we used to work in Korea, we were busy going back to each one’s home and rest but when we were together in America for tour, we had to be together all the time. Since we are always on the same bus, we had little fights sometimes but before going on stage, we held each other’s hands and prayed together. It is one of my most meaningful memories,” she shared.

At the moment, full photo shoots and completed interview of Sunmi are now available in 109th issue of magazine High Cut and they can also be found on magazine’s webpage.

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